CC Series

ASA Series 40/60lpm
General Data and Details

The oil / air coolers of our CC series are autonomous cooling systems with an integrated circulation pump. They work as a separate cooling unit or as a filter cooling unit with an adequate filter. The benefits of such circulation coolers are a constant cooling performance and a higher durability, because there are no pressure vibrations or peaks in the cooler unit.

Conditions of use:

Maximum oil temperature: 100°C, maximum air temperature: 50°C. Motors can be used up to an altitude of 1.500m. For other conditions of use please contact our engineers.

Noise level:

Noise levels are measured in accordance with 2006/42/EC and EN ISO 3744.


General tolerance according to DIN 2768-v.


The AUC (asa universal connector) system was the first worldwide flexible connection system for air blast heat exchangers. It gives you the free choice of the connector direction through turnable ports in 3 directions. Also the dimension of the ports can be varied with optional types. Please contact us to discover the huge potential of this system for your application.


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