Limit Switch for butterfly flanges and suction units

Optional to the asasuction units and butterfly flanges we offer mechanical and inductive limit switches. The limit switch can be mounted on the standard block for monitoring matters. The lever position corresponds to the valve position. Thus the aperture angle is well-defined even in mounted state. The handle direction (clockwise or counter clockwise) can be changed by turning the switch bracket. Please note that the butterfly flange may only be opened in mounted state and with greased or lubricated sealing.

Limit switches
Mechanical Limit Switch

Inductive Limit Switch


Adapter Flange DN 40 DN 125

The asasuction unit is screwed to the asaadapter flange, which is welded to the tank. Due to low installation costs and compact design, purchasing asa suction units is cost effective. A switch (mechanical or inductive) can be mounted on the standard block for monitoring matters. The adapter flange may only be welded with demounted butterfly flange.

Adapter Flange


Suction strainer adapter

Request more information on this new type of adapter that combines the welding flange for the butterfly valve with a thread port to the suction strainer.

New strainer adapter


Lockable Pin

Our new lockable pin is an optional pin to protect unforeseen or not qualified operation of the hand lever of the butterfly valve. This locking pin is available on request on each size of our butterfly valves.

New lockable pin

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