Connection Technology

Have you ever seen a company searching for bad technical solutions?

As a global technology group with its different technical categories we have a wide-spread demand of technical solutions and products in the markets. When we find out that we are using an average solution or not even finding an appropriate product, we start developing it on our own! The connection technology product group is therefore a collection of solved problems and completes a lack of technology at different markets and applications. Take a look at our systems and solutions and get in contact for any new possible project development!

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Vibration Absorber

The asa rubber vibration absorbers are rubber metal connected parts to absorb impact loads and to extent the life time on components. The unique design handles three times higher shear loads than conventional absorbers!

Expansion Joints

The asa high pressure compensator series is carried out as high performance design with very flexible capabilities and long duration.

Butterfly Valves

The asa suction unit has been developed to provide a compact unit in hydraulic systems from tank to pump.

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